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Featured Photography Project: Zack Ward

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It has been a total pleasure working with actor Zack Ward!

He got into his character immediately. Imagine a grown up Scut Farkus from the movie classic, “A Christmas Story”, all grown up.

Where is he now?

That’s we were take you in this photo series. Dirty, with a heart full of coal, Scut now lives in a filthy alley way in a beat up outhouse. He has taken revenge on that rabbit suit-wearing goody goody.

Zack has appeared in such film and TV projects as: Don’t Blink, Resident Evil II, Transformers, Freddy Vs. Jason, Titus, and of course, “A Christmas Story”.

We have more projects planned together, as well as making signed prints by Zack Ward from our shoot available online at Dan’s online shop coming your way soon!

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