Working with comedian, actress, and musician Margaret Cho has been wonderful! I first met Margaret back around 2006. She was giving a performance at a hotel in San Francisco. The bar in the hotel was a local hangout, where we liked to kick back. Portions of the hotel were used in the film,Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock.

After her performance, I approached her with some of my work, and we planned our first shoot together. We wanted to recapture some imagery similar to that of the early Hollywood pics with Anna May Wong. I also hit up my buddy, Johnny Raymond, to round up some “cabana boys” to assist with Margaret’s needs in front of the lens…. I was a romp. Extremely funny.

Since then, we have recently shot again in 2014. Margaret loved one of the images so much, that she decided to use one of the images for the cover of her upcoming music CD. We went with a circus theme of her choosing, that I further developed.

Things went so well, Margaret has suggested taking things a step further, with me directing a music video for her new album, with the theme involved. Could be amazing fun!